POSTER Line-up 2022

All the names that will be part of the 7th edition of POSTER Mostra are now known.

In the area of ​​photography we will have the presence of Anita Gonçalves (winner of Open Call), Cecil Beaton, Cristiana Silva, Eva Lopes, Luciano Carneiro, Mário Cruz, Patrícia Toscano, Ricky Dávila and Vitorino Coragem.
In music, names like Carolina Deslandes, fado singer Sara Correia and Noiserv will show their posters on the streets of Marvila.
From design we will have Catarina Rosa, Leonardo Sol and Ricardo Madeira on display, all winners of the Open Call.
Joining the artists are Cristina Viana, Graça Paz, Mangovo, Micaela Fikoff (represented by MANICÓMIO), Paula Rego (represented by MNAC), Rita Grancho and Sérgio Condeço (Open Call winners), Sobral and Nuno Centeno and Teresa Lamelas (winner Open Call).

Avo atelier, model maker and photographer Diana Sousa, Fala Atelier, poet Li Alves, chef Filipa Gomes and comedian and cartoonist Hugo Van der Ding are also names that will be present in this edition of POSTER Mostra.

At Rua Sandeman, in addition to the brand’s authors, this year we had the guest Camila Nogueira and also the seven winners of the Open Call: the illustrators Adão Conde, Ayoze Magua, Daniela Gonçalves, Inês Almeida Matos, Leonardo Sol, Mendi Mendes and designer Valerie Ross.

Find out everything about each of the authors, in our 2022 Line-Up.

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