About This Project

Carolina Caldeira

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Funchal, 1989.


Undisciplined, with her mind all over the place all the time, complicated and disorganized. She focuses her attention only on whatever she wants, on what she’s feeling and on whatever warms up her soul. From short poems written on napkins and left at restaurants she had dinner at, to portraits of parallel universes she creates in her mind: her take on what’s going through her head is nothing but impulse and pure experimentation.


She lives in a constant search for sensations and strong emotions. From music that would give her goosebumps, to those paintings that leave her hypnotized until someone calls her name for the 50th time finally waking her up.


Graduated in Psychological Sciences, and even though she interrupted those Psychology studies she can’t help but keep on analyzing the behaviors of those who surrounded her.
4 years working in hospitality in Lisbon, she focused on communication and works as a creative in an advertising agency.
In between, she thought of taking singing in the shower to the next level, and founded her babyproject: