About This Project

Daniel Arthur / MANICÓMIO




1995, Góias Brasil. Daniel is a son of Brazil, grew up in Portugal and is a pure product of a third globalized, modern and vibrant culture. Fascinated by simplicity in an age of information excess, since childhood he has drawn his friends and family. His universe is the proximity and the pencil the connection. The web imagery and the culture of memes dominated his growth as an artist, looking for beauty in the bizarre, quirky and unsettling.

He has a degree in drawing from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon (2018). He was part of the collective exhibitions GABA (2017, 2018 and 2019), “12X12” at Galeria Arte Graça (2016 and 2018), “Design(s) under Construction” Gallery of the Parish Council of Santa Maria Maior in Lisbon (2019) and “The Illustration in the Work of Irene Lisboa”, in Arruda dos Vinhos (2019). His technique involves drawing and painting, both in traditional and digital formats. MANICÓMIO artist since 2021.