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Helena Pires




Helena Pires is 20 years old, was born in Macedo de Cavaleiros, Bragança but is currently studying and living in Lisbon. She usually presents herself to people as a compulsive consumer of culture as she doesn’t give up her jazz Thursdays and visits to museums in her spare time. Although painting, sculpture, drawing, music and cinema are what gives her the most life, it was not through this path that she entered higher education and, as such, is in the third year of the Integrated Master in Pharmaceutical Sciences at FFUL. Despite being an independent person who, from an early age, left her comfort zone and started living alone in a new city, she is also a person of people and it is in the artistic world that she is most complete. With this combination of the best of both worlds, art and science, she manages to say that the most beautiful thing that can happen to us is having this opportunity to live and makes sure that everyone around her is aware of this.