GUEST 2023
About This Project

João Fernandes




In addition to a long career linked to design and advertising, João Fernandes simultaneously became an artisan working primarily with leather, using only traditional methods without the use of machines or synthetic raw materials. The process is entirely manual, following centuries-old traditions and techniques. There is something special about a piece that is created as an order for a specific client, with a purpose that is inseparable from its history and the use that will be given to it. Each piece makes a unique journey from the intention to its realization. The process is the antithesis of prêt-à-porter, nothing is done, nothing is instantaneous. Each piece is a story, “I like the idea that I create stories materialized in objects for which you have a special appreciation”, and for that reason they will be cared for and cherished as something that, being so much ours, we will not want to part with.