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Jose Fernando Rodriguez Garrido was born in Mexico in 1983 and adopted Jos* as pseudonym. He graduated in the culinary art school “Le Cordon Bleu” and has a certificate in molecular techniques and desserts.


In Lisbon, he was Chef of the Mexican Embassy in Portugal and currently works at taquería “Pistola y Corazón”, where he creates special menus inspired by videogames, movies, music, books, travels and souvenirs. Jos* writes recipes for German magazine PANTA, which tell a story sided by his their own illustrations.


He has a diploma in Digital Arts and came to Portugal following an invitation to paint murals in the city of Setúbal. The graphic design is displayed in formats as diverse as murals, tattooing, drawing, illustration and graphite.


The artist has already exhibited in Mexico, Canada, Portugal, Germany and UK. He won an award in the gastronomic contest of Lisbon in the category “Best Restaurants of Lisbon”.