About This Project

Lord Mantraste

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

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Lord Mantraste has been collaborating with clients such as: Casa Da Música, 20|20 and Stolen Books publishing houses, Jornal Expresso, Sábado Magazine, Associação Nacional de Farmácias, among others.


Among his most recent works, it should be particularly highlighted “Sebenta do Diabo” (Stolen Books, 2017), an illustrated grimoire which contains several tales about rituals of occultism, passion, spells and popular conjurations. We can also find Lord Mantraste’s art on the covers of Elsinore label’s fiction books or bi-monthly magazine “Farmácia Portuguesa”, for example.


Born in 1988 in Caldas da Rainha from a hairdresser mother and a shepherd father, he graduated in Graphic Design from in 2013.


Apart from being an illustrator and graphic designer, he has been teaching illustration and printing techniques at, ETIC (Lisbon), LUSOFONA (Lisbon) and IED (Madrid).