About This Project

Mariana Corda




As she’s writing this short biography, she’s (still) 25 years old. She will be one year older in the presentation’s day, but that doesn’t scare her (only spiders and heights do)! She was raised in Benfica, but she as always dreamt of living in Graça (where she now resides)… She likes the winter, ice cream on cold days, cities with lots of people, sleeping in the desert, waking up late and not having plans for the day.


She started working when she was 17, moved by her passion to travel and she currently has collected 40 countries in her memory. She was never a singular type of person. Having one favorite band, one style, one best friend… She likes the multiplicity of things, people and places. It’s in them that she finds and inspires herself to develop her work.


Mariana is a Social Media Manager/Account professionally, but she believes that she must be many more things which she doesn’t even know if she’ll ever find.


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