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Paulo Romão Brás




He was born in Portalegre, but soon changed the waving of the Alentejo fields for a view over the smooth waves of the Tagus. Lisbon is the city where he lives, works and where he graduated from the Escola Superior de Comunicação Social and AR.CO. His work was shown in individual and group exhibitions, and he participated and collaborated in several magazines such as Nada, Magnética, Op., Número and Ópio. He was the founder and editor of Base, Number and most recently D’A Morte do Artista magazines. In recent years he has collaborated on different projects as a musician and composer. Now, he is preparing the second volume of “Dark Parables”, an artist’s book, for which he invites writers to illustrate his works with their texts.


Paulo Romão Brás’ POSTER

Paulo Romão Brás poster brings his childhood memories to the walls of Marvila. From the adventures in Alentejo, to the memories of the first time he went to the beach, this digital collage tells a story built of memories.