GUEST 2023
About This Project

Projeto Ruído

Street Artists



Ruído is a creative project joining Portuguese artists Draw (Frederico Soares Campos n.1988) and Contra (Rodrigo Guinea Gonçalves n. 1984), both with backgrounds deeply marked by graffiti and urban art. It embodies an artistic collaboration that interweaves Draw’s monochromatic, figurative and profoundly human universe, with Contra’s colourful, abstract, geometric and textural approach.

The result is a unique and identifiable body of work, generating compositions that create a strong impact on their environment and multifaceted connections with the viewer. Focusing on the specificities of the human condition, be they physical, emotional or existential, the duo develops a questioning of the relationship between human beings and space, and human interference on space.

As the name itself suggests, Ruído (noise) reveal an art developed in layers, seemingly confusing but profoundly organized and symbolic. Work that is continuously imposing, generating an indispensable and unavoidably contemporary confrontation that draws on emotion and instigates a very necessary process of reflexion.