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Ricardo Ferreira

Graphic Designer

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Ricardo was Born in Lisbon and lives in Viana do Castelo. He works for the world (sometimes physically, every day electronically). Digital Alchemist works as a designer for the fashion industry and as a freelance graphic designer.

In digital alchemy, he seeks, with the combination of various artistic elements – photography, drawing, painting, and digital elements – to transform these basic or incomplete elements into a result that turns out to be more than the sum of the parts.

He was the winner of the International Poster Contest for the Pilgrimage of Nossa Senhora da Agonia in Viana do Castelo in 2021.

President of a Cultural Association, ArtMatriz, whose main values ​​are Art (organizing exhibitions such as mostrART), cultural projects and the promotion of modern board games (organizing regular meetings and conventions such as Viana Joga forte and VianaCon).