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Ricky Dávila


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Ricky Dávila (Ricardo Dávila Wood) is one of the most respected and awarded European Photographers, with a radically personal vision, inseparable from his background as an observer of detail, of the curious and unusual, and also of a certain melancholy and “grit” between space and time. An almost expressive “fog”.

For over two decades, he has collaborated with all the major international magazines and newspapers, and has received awards such as Fotogranprix, Ortega y Gasset 94, Fotopres 95, II World Press Photo 94, among many others.

A tireless traveler, and after numerous editorial experiences at an international level, from New York to Manila, from Cuba to Ireland, from Greece to Peru, he returns decades later to the land of his father, in Bilbao, where he directs the Centro de Fotografía Contemporánea.

He is also an incessant writer, a poet of chance and of the everyday, an incessant observer who would have Edith Wharton and Cecil Beaton as sponsors by choice, not far from a parallel reality of the child born “form a penalty kick” in Bilbao in 1964 from two parents who he always remembers in an endless embrace since the wedding at the age of 19 on the other side of the Atlantic in Boston.