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Rita Ravasco


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Rita Ravasco, 1989, born in Mourão, visual artist, lives and works in Lisbon. Degree in Plastic Arts – Intermediate Painting at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar. In 2015 she won the Contemporary Portuguese Illustration contest, with the theme “Passagens”. Her path includes individual and collective exhibitions, urban art interventions and includes several projects for the development of visual languages ​​in various media and techniques, exploring painting, video, illustration and stop motion. Currently, she is focused on exploring techniques that create mutations between digital painting and traditional painting. Her pieces are invaded by several elements that compose different visual compositions, each arranged element works as a puzzle piece that completes the message. The results of these compositions are created based on ideas that are sometimes under our noses in which we walk ignoring, the themes vary between environmental and social problems. These pieces are the result of the search for balance, opting for a figurative language with the intention of communicating with different sensibilities.