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Samuel Matzig


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Born in 1983 in Mels (Switzerland), Samuel Matzig is a Lisbon-based photographer. After studies and a short career in civil engineering as a draftsman, he eventually turns to photography in 2012, and arrives in Lisbon, where he studied at, and still lives to this day. Matzig regularly exhibits his work, either in group or solo shows, in Portugal and elsewhere.


Samuel Matzig’s work, classic through both the medium and the theme, is imposing, expressive and evocative of transformation: the natural transformation that the photographer repetitively turns into an object, by isolating scenes seemingly unexceptional and presenting them to the viewer as an elements’ fight constantly building our surroundings into shape.


Strikingly deprived of a human presence, Nature appears as strong, forceful and threatening. It appears like a character, bigger than man and all-mighty. Forceful, aggressive and wild as much as ancient and slow. It is this contrast of movement and stillness, of the origins and the future, the change and the constant that remind us our own evolution and essence.