Rui Melo



Rui Melo completed his design course 25 years ago, and in its first years of experience, acquired a special taste for creating brands. Returns to school to complete a postgraduate degree in EINA Barcelona.

Since then, never stopped working in corporate identity and branding projects. Went through several illustrious multinational and national communication companies, enriching its experience with projects and clients, leaving his mark in dozens of brands.

Worked his way through, from trainee to junior, senior and creative director, where arrived reflective and passionate about the eerie days we’re living.

Since he’s no millennial, the world seems to have a thing against him (so he thinks).
Some think the 40 being the new 30, but he’s got no desire in feeling younger. Yes, he feels in need of an after lunch quick nap and yes, needs to zoom in the mobile to read properly. And he’s got some issues with the “cloud” as well.

Likes to draw and experiment either on screen or paper, digital or analogic, by the machine or by hand, who the f***k cares? It’s the path till “there” that matters the most. We’ll then, worry about the result.

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