Susana Santana



Susana Santana: The academic and formative trait crosses arts, architecture and photography. I’m getting ready to set off on the adventure that is the creation of a brand, online platform and multidisciplinary atelier, where architectural services and Photography and Illustration direct sales differ from one another or combine themselves physically and conceptually – the ssantana atelier (ssa).

My photographic, illustrative and digital exercises express a whole intuitive graphism and geometry that are assumedly influenced by daily visual memory, Architecture, Graphic Design, the ninth art – Comics – and various post-modern art movements. There is an incessant search for the deconstruction of form, space, and reality; for the search of detail until reaching intimacy, for telling a story that could have been, or changing it, in the eyes of the beholder. I am fascinated by the continuous and symbiotic movement of the perception of space and of the environment by the individual, who gives it significance and context, mutates and transforms the individual again, starting the cycle all over again. I feel, therefore I am.

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Dimensions 61 × 91 cm

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Moldura (com 2 cm de largura)

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