About This Project

Ailton Neto




Ailton Neto was born in Luanda. He graduated in Electricity (2013) at the Instituto Médio Industrial de Luanda (IMIL) and the Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication – IADE (2020). Ailton is passionate about illustration, design and art. He says that his contact with art and design forms mere accidents, as none of them were born naturally. After traveling to Portugal in 2017, he began to devote himself to drawing, with which he learned the ability to tell stories through his body. In 2017, he won an award for creating a commemorative stamp for the 20-year anniversary celebration of Angolan non-profit institution Mosaiko | Institute for Citizenship. Then, in 2018, he was one of the winners of BOLD Creative Festival contest and also a bronze award for the Heroes of Blue project in an agency contest.


Ailton Neto’s POSTER


Ailton Neto’s body paintings are everywhere on social networks and this work, created specifically for one of the musician Prodigio’s video clips, was chosen to be on the streets of Marvila. A strong image, which illustrates the lyrics of a complex song and portrays several problems in a loving relationship.