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Alberto García-Alix




Indomitable. Few times has Photography revealed such an original, unique and magical character like Alberto García-Alix. A major reference of the European artistic universe, a renowned and renowned artist internationally, from Japan to the USA, eternally rebellious, caustic, free, Garcia-Alix has always rejected being the mirror of excess and limit, preferring to explore the profound curiosity about the other and about yourself. With mythical self-portraits that get him stuck on paper, García-Alix is ​​not only the mischievous boy who draws the frontiers of the obvious and the immediate, but also the man who, without a single trace of irony or sarcasm, marvels at each shot of his inseparable Hasselblad. “Is that the Camera that went on the moon?” “Yeah, I took it and left it there. But I never came back ”.


Aberto García-Alix’s POSTER


Alberto García-Alix’s poster brings to Marvila’s walls one of his most iconic works, the 1986 portrait of Ana Curra, an indispensable figure in the Spanish artistic panorama. Its expression is much more than surprise and amazement: it is the curious, wild and intense reflection of the visceral love between the two. Indomitable, irresistible, indescribable and unrepeatable.