About This Project

Carol from Lisbon

Illustrator and Designer



Carol from Lisbon was born in 1991, somewhere in a suburb of Lisbon,and describes herself as an illustrator, slash designer, slash something something. In 2017, she moves to a studio in the prime area of ​​the city and it is from there that, in addition to other partnerships, she has been dedicated himself to customizing vintage clothing. Carol from Lisbon uses her creations as a vehicle of expression, combining and mixing different techniques are inspired by day-to-day events, memories, friends, old magazines and drawings she made when he was a child. She is this and much more, always with a twist of humor.


Carol from Lisbon’s POSTER

This is the first time that Carol from Lisbon has her work displayed on the streets of Lisbon, and her poster is dedicated to the capital and our country full of sunshine. This postcard, filled by the artist’s imagination, shows us that even in difficult times the sun continues to shine.