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Hugo Moxxo




Born and raised in Lisbon, Hugo Gomes has just returned from a 13-year experience in London and San Francisco. His approach is essentially creative and his method based on visual thinking. He believes that good ideas help solve problems and that Photography is a passion that keeps his eyes open to explore everything around him. Hugo has been working for a long time and since he moved from Lisbon to London, AKQA has become his second home. For the past 7 years, he has worked at Nike, Xbox, Red Bull and Jordan Brand’s London and São Francisco offices. Apple was also a customer which Hugo had the opportunity to work with for 2 years, more precisely, with a team from Kettle NYC, an experience that he describes as exciting. He has been collaborating with Uber’s web platform team for two years. Hugo believes that the best years for Digital are yet to come and is looking forward to welcoming them.


Hugo Moxxo’s POSTER

“Wild Thing”, Sonoma RACEWAY Drag Racing, California, US 2019
Hugo Moxxo’s photograph depicts an uncontrolled, wild and remarkable journey through America, which lasted about eight years. Stage of a vibrant race full of adventures, with some victories on the way, when he returns to boxing to recharge his batteries and plan the next race.