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Carolina Deslandes


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Carolina Deslandes is one of the biggest names in the current generation of Portuguese singers and composers. With millions of views on YouTube, her career has been meteoric since first bursting onto the scene, establishing herself as a major figure in both the digital world and in contemporary national music too.

“Casa”, her third album of originals, was released on April 20, 2018 and went directly to the 1st place of the national top sales, becoming the best-selling album in its debut week. The songs “A Vida Toda” – awarded the Golden Globe for Best Song, with the Golden single and with more than 10 million views on Youtube – and “Avião de Papel” (lyrics and music by Carolina Deslandes), which in just 2 months surpassed 3 million views on Youtube and flew directly to the national sales and streaming tops.

For the second consecutive year, she was distinguished with the Five Stars Award “Personality in the Music Area”, days after the release of her long-awaited latest EP “Mulher”, which she performed live at an event that sold out in hours. “Mulher” is an EP, a short film and the ultimate expression of an artist of causes, who transcends herself with every step she takes. The short film with the same name, in which you can listen to the songs from the EP and watch the fiction written, narrated and starring Carolina Deslandes, represents several generations of women victims of domestic violence.

She won the Latin Grammy in the Best Long-Term Video Category for “Mulher” and was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Song with “Por um Triz” at the XXV Gala.

In September 2021, Carolina Deslandes released “Eco”, a song and video, on the prestigious Colors, one of the most important international music platforms. “Eco” evokes and honors Amália Rodrigues through the chorus of “Grito”.