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Cláudia Lucas

Designer and Illustrator

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Cláudia Lucas aka Claudete, born in 1996 and has her heart divided by the two banks of the Tagus river. She presents herself as a designer and illustrator, but believes a “creative soul” label suits her best. Impulsive and always trying to use her time to test new things, demonstrating her creativity in different formats, from illustration to analog photography or even embroidery. A young mind, imaginative and restless yet to be discovered.


Cláudia Lucas’s POSTER

Is this the time to reflect on what really matters? Is this the time to give priority to the intellect and not the physical? These are some of the questions addressed in the Cláudia Lucas poster, one of the winners of Open Call 2020. “Since social distance and the search for love don’t match, this illustration is a reflection on how this task will be from today onwards. My most positive side believes that there will be benefits: that we can rediscover our talent to connect with each other, in a simple act of talking and meet someone in a less superficial way. Because this pandemic is just a physical barrier, not an emotional one. “