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David Carson

Graphic Designer

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David Carson is not only one of the most accomplished and groundbreaking Graphic Designers and Art/Creative Directors in the world, but mostly one of its most transformative. 

His work, which ranges from thought-provoking ad campaigns to magazines like Ray Gun which he turned into a cult-following creative plataform by mixing everything from Music to Visual and Performative Arts or Fashion, has always touched on the unusual and unexpected while pushing the boundaries of Typography, Collage, Painting, Graffiti, Stencil and Cutouts.

This multidisciplinary approach to Design, and to test and trial, has led to a full throttle career which he may have not imagined when he was growing up in Texas in the 50s and 60s.

Add to that the fact that he became one of the top Surfers in the world’s ranking for many years, and also transformed the way the sport was globally perceived (having revolutionized how it was visually portrayed), and you have someone truly special and unique at POSTER Mostra 2024 in Lisbon.