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Filippo Fiumani

Designer/Visual Artist

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Punk, skate and surf. These influences stand out from a wide imaginary Filippo Fiumani (aka MANI) draws on to get inspired and create.


The Italian artist’s work is characterized by an emotive, humored approach and raw strokes. They reflect his urgent need to communicate certain thoughts, which sometimes talk about social causes.


Born in 1987 in Loreto, Filippo currently lives and works in Lisbon.


In 2014, he made the news for having designed a pen for blind people. A year later, Fiumani founded Santiboards, a brand that produces single fins and kiteboards.


His most recent work includes the eclectic exhibition “Visual Disorder Exhibition” at the art ride of Wheels and Waves 2018, in Biarritz. Amongst the several canvases and objects, there was a handcrafted motorcycle built by Filippo himself with the help of Mad50s Motorcycles.