About This Project

Georgina Abreu




Georgina Abreu is a 22-year-old artist from Madeira. From an early age, she has shown interest in the world of visual and performing arts, having attended dance classes since she was 7 years old and a plastic arts atelier. In 2015, she continued her artistic path at Escola Secundária de Francisco Franco, in the Visual Arts course, where she deepened her taste for Photography and Video.

In 2017, Georgina packed her bags and traveled to the UK, where she started a three-year degree in Fashion Photography at Falmouth University, graduating last year in 2020.

In her work, she uses fashion Photography, Video, Poetry and Dance as her main methods of expression, in her own universe and with a strong influence of her experiences and Madeiran traditions, as well as her connection with nature.

In the last 3 years, her work has integrated several Art exhibitions, as well as international contests of Video and Photography. At the moment, Georgina works as a freelancer in Madeira Island, focusing on content creation for fashion brands and music albums.