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Helena Almeida (1934-2018)




Helena Almeida was an artist with a strong conceptual background, whose rigorous and original plastic research has been object of a strong national and international recognition since the 1970s.

She was the daughter of the sculptor Leopoldo de Almeida (1898–1975). In 1955, Almeida completed the painting course at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon and in 1964 she obtained a scholarship and moved to Paris.


In the French capital, she contacts with abstract art, being her artwork marked by inter-relations between interior and exterior spaces during that period. Once returned to Portugal, Almeida exhibited for the first time in 1967 (Buchholz Gallery, Lisbon), exhibited the first time in 1967 (Buchholz Gallery, Lisbon), presenting geometric and abstract compositions in which the pictorial space is questioned and she explores the physical limits of painting.


The artist’s artwork in the biennales of São Paulo (1979), Venice (1982 e 2004) and Sidney (2004), antological exhibitions in Santiago de Compostela and Badajoz (2000), as well as in Centro Cultural de Belém (2004), Serralves (2005) and Madrid (2008).