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Horst Friedrichs


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Born in Frankfurt (1966), Horst Friedrichs graduated in the Munich Film Academy and, since 1990, he worked as a photographer in magazines such as Geo, Stern, Merian, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit and The New York Times. After several trips and projects in various countries, in 1997 Horst moved to London, where he still lives and works.


Horst Friedrichs has developed a unique portfolio of editorial activity, reveling a curiosity and proximity inherent to the portrayed subject, giving each photograph and series different times of visualization/perception.


In 2008, he received the prestigious Gold Lead award to best documentary photography. He had countless international exhibitions and published a lot of books, including the best-selling I’m One: :21st Century Mods, or Or Glory- 21st Century Rockers, Cycle Style, Drive style, Pride & Glory: The Art of The Rockers’ Jacket, Denim Style, Best Of British, and his latest book, SPEED, which resulted from a collaboration with Canon.