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Maruša Štibelj




Born in Slovenia, Maruša Štibelj earned her BA in Art education (Symbolism of Color in Film) at the Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana, she has been exhiting her collage artwork at numerous collective and solo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.


Maruša won the Great Prize of Ilustration of the Salon des Beaux Arts du Louvre and partakes in the organization of the biggest European Illustration Festival, KAOS, whose theme is Collage.


Some of her recent exhibitions include Galerija Priča (Samobor, CRO), Trart Gallery (Trieste, IT), Collagistas Festival 2017 (Milano, IT), Skeetching connections (Zagreb, CRO), ZDSLU Gallery (Ljubljana, SI), Palazzo Gopcevich (Trieste, IT), Gallerie im Schloss (Spitall, AT).