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João daCosta


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Born in 1993, DaCosta is a self-taught visual artist from Cascais, Portugal. From an early age, he had an easy ability to create imaginary universes, heroes and creatures. As a self-taught artist, he started exploring spray at the age of twelve and hasn’t stopped ever since. Today, besides spray paint, acrylic paint is part of his choice for painting his works, in whatever medium.

Exploring various media, he presents his work in several formats, from paper illustrations and wall paintings to overlapping wood constructions. Inspired by the color schemes and compositions of the renaissance, nature, minimalism, the whole graphic and cultural world around him, and his fertile imagination, he presents a work very much his own. Making the interpreter get lost in each graphic composition he creates. Often using irony in his pieces, DaCosta presents us with his imaginary, critical and comic world. Over time, he has also begun to focus his work on environmental and social issues, using animals instead of people, critically personifying everything going on around him. Regardless of his extensive studio work, it is in the streets that DaCosta likes to work and present his work for everyone to see.