About This Project

Patrick Grant

Fashion Designer



Patrick Grant is one of today’s most eclectic Fashion designers, directing with an unusual creative ability and unbreakable energy projects as distinct as one of the most recognized and exclusive names in Savile Row, Norton&Sons, the cult brand E. Tautz, and of one of the most innovative circular economy platforms, Community Clothing.

With a very particular style that for decades has had him at the top of the list of the world’s most stylish and best-dressed men, he is one of the BBC’s best-known and best-loved faces for “The Sewing Bee” series of programs, a competitive cyclist, and a proud new “industrialist” by reclaiming some of the North of England’s textile production capacity.

An avid reader and painter/illustrator in the (rare) downtime between looms and filming, he brings to this year’s POSTER Mostra something unique and magical: one of his paintings, “Bedside Table with Superlambana”.