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Poets & Painters is a design studio focused on different creative cultures, combining editorial creation with a new focus on brand strategy and design: institutional, commercial and cultural. The studio specializes in visual identity and brand culture, combining the power of words with the power of drawing. It is also a gallery and creative space, available for diverse and multidisciplinary activities. The creative direction of Poets & Painters is the result of the union between Pedro Pires and independent designer José Mendes.

Pedro Pires has been a creative writer for 28 years. Faced with the task of being Creative Director from an early age, he developed loves and friendships in design and the visual arts. During this time, he has won numerous national and international awards, as well as being a regular jury member at the main design and advertising festivals. Founder of Poets & Painters, he has been writing about communication since 2009 for Marketeer magazine and since 2019 for Gerador magazine. In 2022, he published the book “Os pés não têm céu” and in 2024 the book “Cosmogonia da Identidade”.

José Mendes is an independent graphic designer. He co-founded the MAGA studio. During his career he has developed projects for Solid Dogma, Ivity Brand Corp, Mola Ativism, Brandia, NovoDesign and BBDO Portugal. His work has been recognized with several awards and in various national and international publications. When he has time, he plays guitar in various musical projects. 

Working together for 25 years, P&P’s creative direction duo has created some of the most important brand projects in Portugal, and has unique experience in directing identity design and communication projects.