POSTER Line-up 2023

Another edition of POSTER Mostra and another incredible set of names that are part of the lineup of this open-air gallery.

The artists Ana Malta, Filipe Cerqueira (represented by Manicómio), Giovana Medeiros (winner of Open Call), João Amado, João Matos, Paulo Arraiano, Pedro Ventura Matos, Ricardo Leandro (winner of Open Call) and Rodrigo Silvestre will be part of this edition , as well as architect Carlos Flor Vicente.

In the photo, Ann Massal, Dj Huba, Márcio Vilela, Marta Paiva (winner of Open Call), Matus Toth, Nanda Gondim and Ricardo Cabral, both winners of Open Call, join us in the photo.

Catatina Oscarina, Micaela Ibarrola and Ricardo Ferreira, all designers and Open Call winners, will also be part of this exhibition.

We also highlight the names of actor Ivo Canelas, comedian César Mourão, photojournalist Gonçalo Lobo Pinheiro (winner of Open Call), communicator Inês, Meneses, artisan João Fernande, Projeto Ruído, musician Sean Riley and architecture studio Spacegram .

At Sandeman, in addition to the brand’s usual names, the 7 winners of the Open Call join: the illustrators Alberto Faria and Leonor Almeida (QueChata), the architect Enrique Flores Acevedo, the designers João G. Soares and Paulo Neto, the art director Rui Pinho and artist Titta Torres.

Find out everything about each of the authors, in our 2023 Line-up.

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