Mariana Dimas



A Biology and Chemistry lover, Mariana Dimas graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon, and worked 5 years in the area, 4 of which in Maputo (2012-2016).

About the poster:

The world is upside down and anti-democratic ideologies proliferate everywhere. It is urgent to fight against policies that jeopardize conquered rights and social progress. They will not pass is a phrase that goes beyond the Portuguese case: this expression carries the strength and hope of those who stand up and oppose ideas and measures that do not respect ethics and freedom. It is crucial to reinforce the message and uphold core values ​​from an early age. In this sense, I chose to portray the theme through a graphic language close to the younger ones, in a direct image, where I highlight an element on a solid color background: a bird, for being a character recognized by all age groups, cultures, creeds and religions, and by the double meaning of the word will pass, third person plural of the future indicative of the verb to pass and which also means big bird. This little bird and its speech bubble fulfill the educational purpose of this poster, with lightness and humour.

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