Vera Marmelo



Vera Marmelo was born in Barreiro in 1984 and has been photographing musicians since 2004 (Linda Martini, Orelha Negra and Valete, among others). Self-taught in photography, Vera was initially motivated by friendships with musicians from her hometown and it was also in Barreiro where she began to attend and photograph festivals, such as Out.fest and Barreiro Rocks. After more than 10 years since the start of this adventure with friends, musicians, concerts, venues and festivals, more special occasions continue to multiply, whilst her personal archive continues to grow. Her blog has been updated regularly since 2006 and she also shares, with Rita Tomás, an interview project called boca-a-boca. She maintains a special connection with Galeria Zé dos Bois and Barreiro Rocks.

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