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Bruno Saavedra is a Portuguese-Brazilian photographer and visual artist. He was born in 1987 in the city of Itamaraju-Bahia in Brazil and has lived in Portugal since 2004. At the age of eight, he fell in love with Photography, indirectly influenced by his maternal grandmother, who spent evenings showing him negatives, monocles and old family photographs. Bruno Saavedra’s photography goes beyond the documentary, conceptual or even authorial. It is almost subliminal, with a lot of truth, feeling and respect for what is photographed. Over the years, one can see your obsession with documenting the simple things in life. Identity, intimacy, cultural and social issues and collective memory are, therefore, some of the main themes of his work. He lived for three years in Macau, China (2011/2014), where he worked in various artistic activities of socio-cultural animation at Casa de Portugal in Macau, and started studying Photography with António Duarte Mil-Homens. Back in Lisbon, he completed the make-up course at Lisboa Make-Up School and continued his photographic studies at Restart – Institute of Creativity, Arts and New Technologies. Bruno attended a Food Photography workshop with photographer Jorge Simão (2016) and the 5th Narrativas Fotográficas do Intendente Workshop with photographer Pauliana Valente Pimentel (2016/2017). He attended the advanced Photography course at Ar.Co (2018/2019). Since 2015, he has regularly exhibited his work inside and outside Portugal.


Bruno Saavedra’s POSTER

“Feng Shui” is the name of the photography by Bruno Saavedra, who became one of the 10 winning posters for Open Call 2020. This image is part of the “Made in China” series by the Brazilian photographer, and has been exposed in national and international places.