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Inês Ventura


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Oeiras, 1984. Graduated in Applied Psychology, in the field of Clinical Psychology, and having specialized, later on, in Human Resources Management, it is in Photography that she seeks a way to understand the World.  Later, she took a Photography course at Restart and has sought to continuously invest in her training through workshops.

In an atypical year like 2020, she developed some projects such as:

– “Suspenso”, where she tells stories in direct speech, and through portraiture, of people who were affected, in some way, by the pandemic;

– “A Sul, 6.0 – Terra da Saudade”, a work developed in the scope of an Artistic Residency in Algarve, directed by Pauliana Valente Pimentel, where, in a space of 10 days, she tried to portray the non-touristic Algarve;

– Mundano, a project developed within the scope of Photographic Narratives of Intendente, by Pauliana Valente Pimentel, where she portrayed Intendente at night. This project was the subject of an exhibition at Casa Independente, from November 4th until today;

– “Estamos aqui”, a project developed in late 2020, focused on restaurants, bars, cultural spaces. It seeks to portray the people behind these spaces who have found themselves trapped in the midst of so many measures. Although necessary, the feeling of powerlessness at certain moments speaks louder, so the analogy of mugshots was used as a manifestation of that feeling.