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Luís Mileu


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He was born in 1972 in Estremoz, with the ocher and expressive shadows of Alentejo as a canvas, and the sign of a free childhood. After studying at IADE in Lisbon, where he left the alleys to draw the avenues and squares of a cosmopolitan metropolis, he began to photograph in a singular way the details of everyday life, the irregular angles and perspectives, the peculiar and curious. He is the photographer of the “choreographed accident”, of the instant, of surprise, of the “suspended”. After editorial and audiovisual projects all over the world, from Japan and India to the USA and Cuba, he always returns to the streets and whitewashed houses that offer him the moment, the reason and the memory to share.


Luis Mileu’s POSTER


Shadows and light, the photograph that Luis Mileu brings to the POSTER is a portrait from the back, rare because it hides the face of the person portrayed, but which gives it an aura of supplementary mystery.