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Seamus Murphy




Seamus Murphy was born in Ireland and lives in London, having traveled all over the world with a permanent and discreet curious eye. He received seven World Press Photo awards for his work in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Some of his photo series in Afghanistan, which started in 1994, earned him one of the most prestigious international awards, the World Understanding Award. Considering Photography as a fundamental link in Storytelling, he has worked and developed several projects with the singer PJ Harvey, of whom he is a great friend and accomplice, and with the New Yorker magazine on Cinema and Photography. He continues to photograph and publish magical books that immediately transport us to the harsh, but resolute, reality of survival and creativity.


Seamus Murphy’s POSTER


Seamus Murphy’s photograph depicts a lonely man who appears to be expecting something about to happen. Soldier, Parachutist, Flight Instructor, Sergei Ignatiev was photographed in the Tambouka region of Russia in 2008, reflecting a very particular nostalgia and melancholy of the extraordinary look of this photographer.