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Maria Imaginário


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Maria Imaginário lives and works between Lisbon, PT and London, UK. Her work has been exhibited at art fairs and galleries in London, Lisbon, Paris, Milan, Rome, Lyon, Miami, Atlanta and San Diego.
She is a multi-disciplinary artist that in the last years has decided to gradually turn her stories, from traditional painting to a more tridimensional languague of immersive experience featuring large-scale sculpture and installations. Maria developed a deeply personal body of work, with an imagery full of colour and depth, with the ability to transmit emotional messages brimming with meaning. For Maria the use of colour is important, and is used to incite different emotional responses. Her interventions are an invitation to embrace joy, to celebrate and pierce the mundane and the everyday life, to bring everyone together by making art that interact with people and create positive memories that will last.


Maria Imaginário’s POSTER


Maria Imaginário’s poster, full of colors and emotions, has a simple message for everyone who passes through the streets of Marvila: “We need Smiles !!” Like all of the artist’s work, this piece is also an invitation to embrace joy and break the daily routine.