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Noiserv, who has been called “the man-orchestra” or “one-man band”, has its path marked by the musical composition and interpretation of themes that travel between memory, dream and reality, and is the solo project of David Santos. It includes a successful debut album, One Hundred Miles from Thoughtlessness in 2008, the EPA Day in the Day of the Days in 2010 and Almost Visible Orchestra (2013), distinguished in 2014 as “Best Album of 2013” by the Portuguese Society of Authors. In 2016, he released the album 00:00:00:00, an intimate reflection on the piano. With more than 500 concerts in Portugal and abroad, he is part of a series of other musical collaborations, namely with You Can’t Win Charlie Brown, of which he is a founding member. He also very active in the national Cinema and Theater scene, being his collaborations in Theater with Marco Martins, Nuno M. Cardoso and Rui Horta, and in film with Miguel Gonçalves Mendes and Paulo Branco, among others, worth mentioning. In 2018, he composed the original music for RTP1’s new visual identity among many other projects. Alongside four soundtracks, in 2020 Noiserv edited his fourth Uma Palavra Começada Por N nominated for IMPALA’s Best European Independent Music Album Award.