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Micaela Fikoff/MANICÓMIO


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Micaela Fikoff was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1965 to a Bulgarian father and a Brazilian mother of Swiss origin. However, her connection with Portugal has always existed. This mixture gives her access to very different worlds, which surely enhances her imagination. Since she was very young, she immersed herself in plastic arts and handicrafts, and perhaps this intimacy is the key to her expressing herself in a very intuitive way until today.

The way she approaches colors has always been her most remarkable characteristic, combined with very naïve strokes. Graduated in textile design by Polimoda in Florence, Italy, her life path directs her to other areas, but in a certain way art always remains present.

She participated in the group exhibition O Outro como Epifania do Belo at the Museu de São Roque (2021), Lisbon, Portugal.

She has lived in Lisbon for three years and has been a MANICÓMIO artist since the beginning of 2021, having rediscovered herself in embroidery.