GUEST 2023
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Ann Massal




Born in 1977 in Paris, Ann Massal spent most of her career working with images (beauty, fashion) for some of the most renowned companies across the globe. She subsequently decided to learn photography and went to the St Martins School in London. Her photographic practice aims at challenging the status quo and traditional representations of the medium. Her first monography, The Eye of the Cyclops, published by Kehrer Verlag, came out in 2019 and won Germany’s Silver Medal Award for the best conceptual photobook. In 2023, she released a new project titled ‘On Love, Violence & The Lack of It’ which won Circulations, Europe’s biggest photo festival. Her work has been exhibited internationally on several occasions (Paris / Copenhagen / Helsinki / Incheon / Seoul, amongst many other cities). 

She is represented in Paris by the Gallery Maison Contemporain.