About This Project

Hélder Pina




Hélder Pina was born in Cape Verde and when he was only 6 years old he came to Portugal. Years later, in 9th grade, the passion for Design emerged after seeing the work of a friend who was studying Multimedia. Unfortunately, it was too late to switch the study area and, so, Hélder decided to stay in the Informatics course. During its three years, he tried to learn Design through blogs and Youtube videos (both theoretical and practical). Although the course had nothing to do with Design, he always tried to apply the knowledge he was acquiring. In the first year of college, together with colleagues, he was first in the U-active Award and this year, with another colleague, he created the winning identity of the Sophia Estudante event. Currently in the last semester of the Audiovisual and Multimedia course, he is exploring Generative Design, among many other things.


Hélder Pina’s POSTER

As a tribute to the friendship and support of friends, Hélder Pina created an image that became one of the 10 winning posters of Open Call.