About This Project

Teresa Pamplona




Teresa Pamplona is one of the most unique names in the panorama of contemporary Photography in Portugal, and one of its most complex and magical talents, averse to restrictive descriptions and catalogues.

Her simple look, never innocent but pure in the search for the unusual and the unusual, is one of her most striking features, as is her incessant search for the fleeting, unrepeatable, always restless moment.

After two editions of his first book, THE CIRCLE, which brought together in printed format the best of music, cinema and plastic arts in the country (and what other landscape from his childhood in the immensity of this Mindelo, between cornfields and dunes that cannot be changed. let mold), brings to this year’s POSTER Show a portrait, NOME? FRANCISCA which is at the same time reality and fantasy, radiography and scribble, truth and vision.